Cool Green Machine Carpet Cleaner Review

Submitted On July 23, 2010.

The Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner is the best system if for cleaning your carpet but is also an exceptional alternative for removing dirt and dust on upholstery, stairs and hardwood flooring.

The Bissell proheat 9400 lasts more and it plays better than its renowned ProHeat predecessors, owing to its many helpful additions. It’s among the hottest from the 9xxx series also it’s favored by most because of its powerful suction and exceptional stain cleansing skills.

* The Build in Heater warms water till a maximum of 190 degrees, that’s the key in eliminating stubborn stains and dirt. The heater doesn’t heat the water 25 degrees above tap temperature, but also keeps is warm, even when using the system. * A powerful 12 amp motor transforms the 2 rows of brushes known as DirtLifter. As compared to other methods, the brushes perform an superb job in taking away the dust not just on the surface, but also the authentic deep-down particles from the carpeting. Both sets of brushes operate individually and adjust automatically depending on the surface you’re cleaning * two additional little brushes are located into the sides, so improving the cleanup in the borders and close to the walls. * With The bissell 9400 proheat 2x you also have to ability to personalize the cleanup solution mix and modify the cleanup settings: light clean, normal, rinse, or heavy traffic settings The 2 individual tanks maintain the dirt and the cleaning solution individually. Please be aware you don’t need to combine the cleanup solution. The machine can do it to you.

The Bissell 9400 proheat 2x is utilized by most to not just clean rugs, but various surfaces like upholstery and bare floors. This can be accomplished with the 30 foot long power cord along with the exceptional upholstery and bare floor electricity tools which match the cleaner.

Other characteristics include a stain-removing instrument, a trial-size blot cleaner and fiber cleansing formulation, and Scotchgard.

The ten brushes agitate the carpet bringing ALL the dust into surface along with also the 12-inch cleaning patch suck inside.

In addition, we enjoy the Bissell proheat 2x 9400 since it isn’t difficult to work and it includes tools which produce possible the cleanup for an assortment of flooring. The two additional brushes used to clean areas close to the walls and borders bissell proheat carpet cleaner is another huge addition.

Even the bissell proheat 2x choose 9400 is somewhat heavy compared to other comparable systems. Additionally, it takes some time to wash, but usually utilizing the "rinse" style is going to do just fine.

Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner does much better job in eliminating stains compared to its "previous brothers" also it’s but one of Bissell’s best selling systems.