ICC Pro Cricket 2015

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 was a free to play cricket simulation game for mobiles and tablets featuring high quality 3D graphics. Players created dream teams from 210 cricketers of 14 countries who played the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2015. Players could play the ICC World Cup, or play in different world tournaments that unlocked after certain achievements in the earlier tournaments. Winning tournaments earned them player cards and gold, with which they could train their teams for better performance. This was touted as the cricket game with most realistic graphics on a mobile device. A paid PC version of the game was also released.


Task and screen flows of the core game loop, various modes and meta game were created and validated with the game designers. Low fidelity wireframes were created and vetted internally for any issues and edge cases. Meanwhile, UI designers created the moodboards and finalized the colour scheme and style for the interface. Detailed wireframes were created and UI designers then mockups of each screen and developed them in Unity 3D. They also created prototypes of animations for various events. UX and UI designers worked using the agile approach with the development teams.

Once the initial prototype was developed, we play tested the game for any flow and communication issues and iterated the design to correct these. Once the game was launched, we monitored the player feedback and worked with the tech team on improving the user experience and incorporating new features in a very release schedule.

My Role

Time management and tracking, feedback and mentoring, process control, communication with stakeholders, UX lead role.


UI Design of the main menu of the game in the 16:9 format used by iPhones and Android devices.

UI design of that part of the store where users can purchase player cards for in-app currency (silver).

Whiteboard discussion for the First Time User Experience (FTUE) outlining the in-game elements that needed to be taught to the user.

First draft of the screenflow encompassing all the functionality at that time. Ultiamtely this flow got big enough to be split into 5 sections

Some of the lo-fi wireframes created by the team and feedback for changes after discussions and testing. Wireframes were initially created using Visio. Balsamiq was procured and used in the later stages.

A compilation of the styles used for different elements used in the game. Includes the different states of buttons, button variants, icons, team logos, colours, banners, and use of fonts.