Rowdy Rascal Site Strategy Project

"Rowdy Rascal" - the name chosen for the website was inspired by the South Indian cinema where the supertars are almost elevated to a god status. This was a 2 phase project where in the first phase, I was to engage with the client and chalk out a digital strategy in line with their business goals, and the second phase was to be dedicated to detailing the information architecture for the site.

However the venture and hence the second phase of the project was shelved due to lack of funding.


The initial workshops were held to identify the various user profiles for the site. Their personas and scenarios were created to understand the activities they were likely to perform and NOT perform, which formed the base for deciding the features for the site.

Various strategies for engaging the user were then brainstormed and evaluated. The general site structure, content blocks, and monetization strategies also evolved simultaneously. A prototype was created based on these.

My Role

Client workshops, user interviews, site strategy along with the clients.


Homepage of the prototype

The initial user profiles were split into 5 types based on physical and psychographic factors.

Outlining the moderation process. Two types of potential moderators were identified - specialists and generalists, and their profiles were outlined.

User Segmentation and strategy points for each. Each part was later detailed.

Lifecycle of content

Seeding the Content

Site map for the MVP.