Saregama Website Redesign

JWT with whom I worked as a part time consultant, was approached by Saregama (formerly HMV) the music brand from RPG group to help them with rebranding the HamaraCD online music portal. The website was about 10 years old and was clearly showing its age. Also, the customer experience was designed for an age where streaming and downloads were non-existent. Our mandate was to modernize the website and help the client redesign the business strategy to match the new technical potential and customer expectations.


The client had already completed the exercise of comparing the popular music sites - grooveshark, pandora, and in search of features to be included in the new avatar of the website. So to understand the issues faced by the current customers, we conducted a short usability testing session with 5 users and compiled it into a presentation to go along with the branding recommendations.

This led to discussions about the strategy that the new site should follow. A freemium model loosely based on the motto "music is free - pay for the convenience" was adopted in the redesign of the site. Music streaming and downloads for the younger customers, and physical delivery of CDs for older and existing customers was decided to be implemented by the new website.

I created the site structure and wireframes to reflect this. The graphic design team created several designs for approval by the client.

The challenges faced by the team were many - the design, development and customer in 3 different cities, and constant changes suggested by the client coordinator based on changing business plans and an extremely short time for design and execution (5 months all inclusive) made for very hectic schedules.

My Role

Usability Testing, Site Strategy, Information Architecture, Wireframes


Graphic design of the homepage designed by the graphic designers.

A slide from the usability testing presentation showing a user's thoughts while completing the tasks. 5 users from the target segment participated in the discount usability testing.

Slide from usability test report outlining the pain points faced by the user in the selection and purchase process. Multiple pain points at almost every stage were identifed.

Photo of the whiteboard session during site strategy discussions.

Homepage wireframe with functional specs.

Wireframe from the purchase flow. Multiple options - downloads, shipping DVD and CD were included. Also cheque payment was included for older users not comfortable with credit card payments.